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  • Who is my Savior?

    Who is my Savior?

    If you don’t take care of yourself, why should anyone else? The underlyding dis-ease, for many, is psychological; unconscious and unaware of the moralistic values that plague the mind. We collapse before we can even rise under the pressures of: “Should…”“Don’t…”“No…” and “You’re not enough…”“Stupid…”“You can’t do it right…” Life is magical, there’s no doubt […]

  • About this Blog

    This is a blog about my journey. A single-mom with a growth mindset. A woman with an expansive imagination about a better world for ourselves and our children. A world in which we honor and affirm our humanity, both our children and ours, and build a reality on interdependency over co-dependency. I’m exploring the nature […]

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