I’m only responsible for turning myself on. The idea is not very different than “you can only change yourself”.

I can not enforce someone do something for their benefit. I can not desire it enough for them. I can not love them enough, though, if I am willing I can hold space for them to ‘walk through the valley’ and even then they have to be willing to move away from my fire and find their own.

It’s true they have to move through their own ‘stuckness’ and find the goo, choose to explore it and find the value of it, and learn to play with it. Yes, the goo. Play with it.

It isn’t any fun if you think it’s a drag to play with yourself.

I build my desire through what feels good.

I move. I stretch. I breathe deeply. I push my body. I relax my body. I pursue aspirations. I allow myself to feel. I explore the feelings. I understand them. I keep willingness fueled by my desire. My desire is fueled by my curiosity. My curiosity is fueled by an inner knowing -there’s more to life than I have been modeled, told, seen.

In this way, I’m moving rhythmically with the pulse of consciousness.

Find yourself, brothers and sisters.

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