Deliberate Connections

When I relate to others by making a deliberate choice to connect with them, rather than feeling obligated to do so, I make room for a deeply meaningful and intentional relationship.

Intentional relationships are passionate, fun, and full of curiosity. They also tend to be more engaging, which oftentimes, leads to a greater sense of intimacy.

Seems simple, right? But how often is it really that simple?

It’s easy to fall into the trap of going through the motions and not engaging with the other person or people.

Why? What happens?

Insincerity. Fear. Blocking.

A connection between two people is like a journey from one place to another—there may be bumps in the road, unexpected detours, or even dangerous terrain. These obstacles may trigger our defenses and lead us to avoid or distance ourselves from the other person.

The best approach to maintain stability and trust with a connection is to remain honest.

Say what is. Skillfully.

Upright. Honest. Intimate.

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