Who is my Savior?

If you don’t take care of yourself, why should anyone else?

The underlyding dis-ease, for many, is psychological; unconscious and unaware of the moralistic values that plague the mind.

We collapse before we can even rise under the pressures of:



“You’re not enough…”
“You can’t do it right…”

Life is magical, there’s no doubt in my mind about it. And it’s not been easy to see when I put myself under a spell; believing illusory tales about what I wish to experience versus what reality is.

About myself:
No one is going to SAVE ME. My personal evolution is up to ME. I am responsible for taking care of myself. (Most of us want someone else to take care of us instead).

About others:
No one is going to change no matter how much I focus my attention towards them. And I can’t care ENOUGH for anyone if they are NOT WILLING to take care of themselves. (Most of us want someone else to take care of us instead).

To support your well-being, a good place to start is being physically active. No, it will not FIX you. It will be the gateway to learning how to take care of yourself.

Regardless of what phase of life you’re at now, there’s plenty of life-fulfilling reasons to interrupt bad habits and build new ones.

Together, we can change.

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