About this Blog

This is a blog about my journey. A single-mom with a growth mindset. A woman with an expansive imagination about a better world for ourselves and our children. A world in which we honor and affirm our humanity, both our children and ours, and build a reality on interdependency over co-dependency.

I’m exploring the nature of my writing voice. It’s perky and playful and many times incomplete. Be that as it may, I will not withhold publishing posts and may revise as time permits. I think about this as my journal.

I’d like my blog to be informative, helpful, and for this space to evolve into an area for connection and group learning related to parenting, self-care, and relationships which will include sex and sexuality.

I trust with effort and dedication, my voice will find it’s own tone, shape, rhythm, and pace, and community.

I invite inquiry. You’re welcome to share any curiosities and self-reflections that may arise during your read.

Thank you,

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