What Role Am I in?

With awareness, I am more apt to play the role of co-creator versus powerless victim of my reality. I assert myself in situations where I would otherwise remain unseen. I stay focused on myself and recognize how I am responsible for what feels good and right in my experience.

I notice as I continue to experience my world with intentional awareness, I am much less interested in diving deeply into the stories of my past with others and much more interested in speaking of what is happening now and how I’d like to experience shared time with others.

How can I be in this moment that would be the most serving? 

I want to take a moment to reflect what I know. 

I know I can’t change anyone.
It is in working on oneself that connection and closeness with others begins.

I know expectations set-up disappointment and inner-conflict.
Assumptions about what we want to experience is fantasy based not reality based.

I know that it is not enough for me to want someone to live with joy, peace, and love.
Each person has to find joy, peace, and love within themselves.

I know the ability to forgive others is the ability to deeply forgive oneself.
It takes a commitment to see outside of the go-to perception of what the other person is doing to us or not doing for us.

I know confidence and self-esteem derives from the ability to believe and trust in self.
In order to build self-confidence, one must know their beliefs, values, and limitations –neither of which are handed down renditions cultivated by their environment (family, culture, peers, society) but ones consciously chosen and committed to maintaining congruence by continuous calibration of thoughts and actions at any given moment. 

I know self-care and self-love are personal power. 
When we do not know our worth and value, we tend to give our time and energy away and diminish who we are until we become ‘ghosts’ in our own realities. 

…..(eye balls looking at you)….

Time’s run up…

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