Wake-Up: Life Gratitude

What would your life be like if you KNEW you were 100% responsible for all the ugliness that appeared in your life? Ugliness, you may ask? Yes, what is unpleasant in your life? Let me offer a few examples — unpleasant people and unpleasant (or unwanted) experiences. Let’s just go with these for now.

If this was a conversation where I could receive real-time responses, I’d ask someone to give me an example of something that is currently triggering upset within them. Can you think of a situation where you have experienced anger? How about fear?  Guilt? Shame? Blame?

Let’s imagine for a moment…that you gave birth to that experience. Yes, you created it. Can you be responsible for that? Likely not. Why do I assume that? Easy.  I’ve been there before. It’s not often easy to accept that I AM responsible for someone else’s doing or saying (even my own).

Why is it important, though? It is important to accept responsibility because 1) I AM responsible and 2) when I acknowledge I am responsible, I allow myself to receive the power of clarity.  What do I get from clarity? Solutions. What do solutions offer? Peace and resolution.

I have sought to discover the purpose of my life and have found passion in the journey. I have discovered that I can live in passion in all that l do, but, first and foremost I KNOW NOW that the purpose of life…is to experience life. Nothing more. Nothing less.

How do you have passion in all that you do? Know yourself.

How do you know yourself? Take time to observe the subtlety that life offers in every experience with self and others. Honor yourself.

How do you honor yourself? Decide what is valuable, what you want to experience, what you don’t want to experience and start weeding, paving, treading and design your path.

That is called Self-Awareness.

Observe all that you judge, all that you deem dishonorable, disgusting — come to a level of understanding of WHY that is. Why is it this way for you? And does it make you a better person to hold on to it? Or would you benefit from letting it all go?

Every day we live the opportunity to create our existence. If you are lost. Ask yourself, “why?” Why are you lost? Did you forget that the purpose of life is to wake-up into your existence, to breathe, to live?

Remember you have purpose simply by being alive. You can choose what is in your life. Honor what you have not by attachment but by appreciation. Choose one thing to be grateful for daily. Then two. Then three. Then four. Notice how your life will transform and opportunities will begin to flourish in your existence by simply remembering to be grateful.

Create your life with purpose. Create a destination that honors your individual self and no one else. Be mindful of this path daily. Keep integrity with yourself, first, and you will begin to show integrity with others.

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