Money Talks

Hey Money, I really want to talk to you.

I have this feeling of anger towards you. I really want to have a lot of you and it frustrates me that it seems hard to come by you.

Oh? Well, I’m not running away from you. I’m here just like everything else.

What makes you feel so angry?

Yeah, that my mom worked so hard so many hours to have a lot of you and she still works hard.

You realize that it was always her choice of how to spend me and invest or what she did with me?

Yes, I am coming to realize that now as I speak to you. And it still seems difficult.

Well, honey, your expectation of difficulty is going to keep you trapped where you are. And I think you’re just beginning to see the power of where you can go.

You can do things differently, you know. You are a knowledge seeker and now learning to be a doer.

Money, I’m sorry for blaming you. I feel like I had to place the anger somewhere. I see my mom and it seems she stopped learning a while ago and yet people praise her.

Don’t you think you should praise her, too?

I have anger towards her.

Oh? So, it seems when you can clear your anger with her, I may be more available to you, do you realize this?

Well, yes, money, you’re right. Will it take me a long time to clear my anger?

It’s up to you. I think you really want it – clarity, resolution, peace.

Yes, I really do.

Money, would you flow into my family’s life? Can I make a six-figure income?

You can have anything you want. It’s not going to happen by magic, so to speak, and you can have all of that. The way to see a clear path to me is to clear the energy path with your mom.

It hurts.


My throat. Ahh, the left side. It is really painful.

You are all knotted up, dear.

Will I be ok?


Assure yourself you will. You have the power. I promise you things will begin to flow. You’re ready.

I am, aren’t I?

You are.

Thank you for this conversation. I am grateful and honor you for speaking with me.

Everything that you want is always available to you. You have to trust that.

I do understand this. I see that. Thanks.

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