The Hungry Don’t Wait – 7 Ways to Activate Awareness – Part 2

And I am back to conclude the 7 Ways to Activate Awareness. I’ll spare you the wait – I know you are on pins and needles, right? Before we start, I’d like you to know there’s no method here. You can start with 7 and go backwards. It’s just a list. Use it the best way you feel comfortable. Also, jot down your thoughts on Evernote, your phone notepad, a sticky note – anywhere! Writing will help you remember them later. Here we go.

4. Notice your complaints. What do you complain about the most? Is it how the person next to you at lunch eats with their mouth open? Is it how much your mother-in-law talks too much about herself? Is it how much work you have ahead of you? How sleepy you feel? How unhealthy you are? Pay attention to what you complain about yourself and others. Yes, even the complaints about others can guide you to learning more about yourself, thus, more self-awareness.

Side note: This is a similar exercise to judgments, though, you will find the exercises will produce different results.  

5. Dance like no one is watching. Alright, if you’re not stretching, then try putting on your favorite jams and let loose? Oh, you don’t want to? Why not? No one is watching. What does this have to do with awareness, you wonder? Oftentimes we avoid doing things outside of routine because we have some hidden belief about the action. There are many ways to discover whys or whats of beliefs but sometimes it’s just as good to break the barriers with an external action rather than an internalization.  If it all seems just too silly, here’s a little tidbit for you goal seekers: let your body tell you what it wants to do. That’s a solid goal. It takes some awareness to reach that state of fluidity. When you’re ready, share a video and let your body speak to me!

6. Do something you wouldn’t do. To piggy back on dancing, if you really aren’t ready to dance like a ‘wildling’ (I know I have GoT fans out there) at home, then try a smaller action – something you wouldn’t normally do. I’ll give you some creative space for this one but if you can’t think of anything, hit me up, I’m sure I can help you find 3-5 safe things you normally wouldn’t do.

7. List 10 things you are grateful for daily.  Gratitude plays an important role in awareness. Do you notice how it is the opposite of a complaint? Stretch out more than your body;  stretch out the gratitude muscle and list 10 things that you are grateful for – again daily. If you have to repeat a few every day to make your ten, do it. Gratitude helps you reflect and appreciate what you have instead of focus on what you don’t.

These are a few very simplistic ways to activate your awareness. Here’s the kicker, most of you do these actions every day – though –  the importance is to start noticing what you are and aren’t doing.  If you are doing some of these actions, do you know your why? If you aren’t, do you know your why? My goal is to help you understand you. Eventually, I’ll go on to bigger and deeper exercises. Let me know if this does or doesn’t work for you and why. At the end of day, ask yourself “What did I do to settle my hunger today?” Remember, ladies and gentleman, I mean feeding your passions not actually feeding your tummies. 

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