Sudden Moves – Don’t Touch Me

Somewhere along my timeline, I began to identify touch with varied emotions and associations and later words – the root being the sensation and later perception of the act itself.

Let me rewind. I was born into an extreme vulnerability; straight into the pain of separation – not only from the most stable, secure, supportive environment – the womb – but from a body that felt like an extension of the womb and my own body. I had a twin. The womb, my twin and I; there was no distinction. We were trinity. We survived and thrived in this system as one. There was awareness, in fact, there was communication – in the form of frequency – that was interpreted and translated between all three seemingly seamless as one organic system. The awareness of individuation was perhaps soft and subtle; blurry and not fully formed.

I traveled down and out of the rabbit hole we call the vaginal canal. This is birth. I departed after my twin – a period of 3 seconds – but in my reality 3 seconds was an eternity. Previously, there was no concept of time through space travel, though time was established when the heart had it’s first rhythmic pulse; the soft-start of fluctuation between nothing and something; 0 and 1. After birth, I was set free from one nurturing system and delivered into another with less clear boundaries; space was vast and time being the imperceivable boundary.

At the edge of this new horizon, evolution reached a ‘God Speed’ moment. Neural pathways were downloading, storing, and transferring data faster than ever before; firing off like fireworks. Data points were being etched with code that would later be translated from frequency, to sensation, to emotion, to language(s) native to the system; what we call experience. Somewhere in this chaotic yet fast paced evolution – applications we know as thoughts and subconscious associations – began self-evolving to interact and weave together to run the complete software of experience.

Let me recap, we begin with sensation of frequency as the main form of communication within the womb. Furthermore, the state of being within the womb is akin to being fully immersed in sleep and at the brink of waking up at the same time. Words do not exist because that is inherent to the system outside of the system. The womb is a sub-system of the body – a system (womb) within a system (body) within a larger system (Earth), within a larger system (Universe). Outside of the womb, from the point of birth and onward, applications begin storing sensory experiences as a polarization of data which can later be interpreted through language(s).

This would be established through observing larger systems – a self-programming ability we call learning. The larger systems, parents, cycled through their own self-programming from their larger systems and the course continues a long line of descendant software; our ancestors.

My software of experience looks like the rings inside a tree trunk -a line of information for every year of growth. As each sensory experience is recorded, specific events will be recorded with large chunks of information.

To be continued….

**The term God Speed is derived from Tyler Turnbull’s book – How to Human: A Practical Guide to the Human Experience. I use the word with a different meaning, though, in his book  it’s used as a hilarious metaphor and I felt compelled to use it again in another form.

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