Big Bang Theory

Sometimes the feeling is so deep like a cavern etched into my chest; if you dropped a pin, the sound would quietly creep up from the netherworld and escape as both a sound and sensation; a large concussive BOOM. This is the sensation of expression. Expression of experience. Experience of love and pain.

And why contain the sensation? That’s just selfish! Say it out loud. Express it and explore the universe within and the magic of creation – love with pain.

I’ve traveled the destination path failing to understand that love can share the same space as pain. Well, guess what, ya’ll…it fucking can! Ok, to some this isn’t breaking news.

-Excuse the redundancy of my floppy disk an upgrade is on order- can I skip a few generations, please?!-

To others, my words are just esoteric and full of mysticism. ~The hilarity of thought~
How many instances of love and pain can you list?

Let me give it a try:

1) Birth
2) Death
3) And a shit ton of experiences in between

What the hell? Why didn’t I realize this before? Another hilarity of the human experience.

Aside: I appreciate the use of foul language by the way. They are the perfect modern modifiers, don’t you think? Well shit, you don’t have to agree, I’ll use them anyway.

Can you see it -how everything imitates 0 to 1, nothing to something, something to nothing – a deception of mind. A simulation. Again, nothing new.

Who am I? What am I? How am I?

I am nothing and everything, therefore, I am love. Love cannot be explained or identified – what we think we know of LOVE is merely an infinitesimal fraction of what it is.
And you know what? I will fucking say WE. My personal science matters and it matters even more when others identify or relate; however it is in their own way, no doubt.

After all, it is us, LOVE, that chose to experience each other as separate unique identities, PAIN, so don’t go shitting on yourself in fear when you realize all of that singularity… (sound the alarm)…is fake news!

Death is better, isn’t it? Than life, that is – it’s so easy! I’ve heard that before. But I would be happy to die and relive this all over again and again (wait, this seems oddly familiar) because in the end that is what we’ll do. Only fortunately we don’t have memory of it. There is no end – ever!

The end – oh, the irony.

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