The Secret of Time Travel – How I Wish You Were Here

Everyone wants to know the secret to look young, to lose weight, to success and if you’ve ever bamboozled yourself down that path you may have discovered that there’s no actual secret. Zip. Zilch. Nada. As I see it, there are only two things: being and doing.

Here’s what I think about the secret fad. When I was in my late 20’s, someone recommended a book to me. It was about a woman addicted to sex. I read it with the notion that I would discover a grand revelation, a secret, to how I could end my need for sex. What I recall clearly is massive disappointment and feeling let down; a magnificent betrayal. The story of her sex addiction was a hook, line, and sink. After the many twists and turns of her fiendish addiction and my nail-biting compulsion to read until completion, I found myself in despair. There was no answer.

If I am honest with myself, what I really wanted was to be saved; to be delivered from evil. I wanted to be spoon-fed sugar; something I could grit my teeth into with dedication to remove the tether I felt was tightly wrapped around my neck – the need for sex. Which, in fact, was not a luxury I experienced in a marriage built on a faulty foundation. “If we have sex, I will be happy”, went the thought,  yet it was the thing I had the least of. No sex, no relating, no intimacy – just two broken individuals unable or unwilling to see things newly and I wanted an escape route- no, I didn’t want it, I needed it.

Of all the things I have learned in my journey is perception is key. While it’s a concept being used constantly, it’s easy to say but one really doesn’t know it until it is known and to know takes work. We each embody a great power and responsibility and that is the power of our minds. Our mind is where I establish the link between perception and time travel. Sure, time travel is possible only that we have a pre-designed idea of what it looks like, don’t we? We think time traveling has to feature a modified DeLorean car or some antiquated vessel or even a telephone booth, huh?  That’s called an expectation. An expectation is when we expect something to be a certain way.

I believe we are inter-dimensional travelers. We really are. Do you have the ability to recall a moment in your life? I’m positive the answer is yes. That is where most of us spend our time — in the memory of things. Well, guess what, you are traveling through time and if you can do that you can also change your experience of those memories and that is magical; the power of IMAGINATION.

In my pursuit of happiness, I believed I first had to reach a certain level of knowledge to experience happiness and that is such a farce. Just like the secret to success and weight loss, there’s no secret to enlightenment because it’s not a destination. It happens here and now. It’s a way of being. It happens wherever we want and it begins with how we frame our thoughts. So when do you want to be happy? When do you want to experience joy? If you’re unhappy, what is stopping you from being happy?

I want to refer to the quote by the Chesire Cat,”Only a few find the way, some don’t recognize it when they do; some don’t ever want to.” What does this mean to you?

Whether I am conscious of it or not, I am continuously writing the story of my life through time travel – past, present, or future – and every moment of it is a choice I make or already have made. The question is what do you want to do about it and where do you want to go?

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