Manifestation: A Drumming Meditation

January 29, 2017

I attended my first event at The Free Thinker House, A Drumming Meditation led by Derrick Broze. But let me rewind a step back. By the time, I attended this event I had committed returning to my interests in Shamanism. I had been visited by my newest spirit guide: The Mother Raccoon a few weeks earlier and I had ended my engagement.

What’s the point of having said that? Really there isn’t a point for readers. It’s all simply a construct for me to keep a reference of my timeline.

It wasn’t my first time meeting  Derrick. I had initiated a few conversations via Facebook, supported his cause at Standing Rock and I support his Patreon account monthly, but we’ve never met in person. It was refreshing to hear his story and message ‘real-time’. His passion for conscious awakening is evident in everything he does – as a journalist for Mint Press News about current political topics, farming on his property – the Free Thinker House; engaging sales in local markets, helping others build organic gardens with Organic Gardens For All, and other eye-opening events throughout the year.

He led two meditations after his introduction and then we all proceeded to have an improvisational drumming session. Below is my experience of the second guided meditation.

I lay on the cold grass outside the Free Thinker House. The sun warmed, almost burned, my exposed skin, and I began to relax as Derrick began the beat his drum and vocalize our meditation.

I stood in a field of golden grass. It gleamed as the sun was falling West behind me at an early afternoon hour. The grass stood eye level with me. I remember this place. This is where I met Gorilla. This is also where Boar would roam before waking me up from my sleep; his eyes so close to mine. Sometimes Eagle would fly above him as he ran; calling to me telepathically. I remember this place.

The grass swayed from left to right, bending right as the wind blew from North to South. I was brought here to feel safe but this wasn’t where I was going to stay. As soon as my comfort settled, I was transported to a dark but familiar spot in a forest. The sun, again, set behind me but I was omnipotent; observing myself from a distance. I could see myself siting in a meditative, crossed leg position. The dimming sun light dappled all around me. My physical form was neither male or female. It was an energetic outline. My chakras lit up; swirling light upwards towards my third eye and exploded a beam out of my crown. My eyes opened, filled with white light and spread horizontally across my field of vision. I was ready to move on to the next phase.

Back into form, I climbed a thick rope ladder. Its twine was filled with vines and moss. Seven steps to the top. I counted as a drum beat lead my steps. 1, 2, 3….at the top was an entrance; a doorway. I stepped inside a tunnel. I could not smell anything. I could not detect anything familiar. I just walked into the unknown until I reached light. It was a frightful path with no light and what lay before me even more frightful as a thought encroached, “I am scared of heights…”

I stood at the edge of a cliff and below 500 ft or more was a river surrounded by jungle. “What now?”  


I heard jump. Yes, jump.

“If you want to know what it’s like to have all of your dreams, you must first jump.”

I knew the voice was right. I don’t know what will happen. I don’t know what the end will be like. I don’t know…but I can take the plunge…and with that, I threw myself off. As I fell, I became omnipotent again. Oddly, I watched a 2D paper white, black outlined man-fall…and fall…and he was afraid. Oh yes, very afraid. His face contorted in fear, his hands reached up as if asking to be saved. When he no longer was visible in his descent, a 20ft Hawk glided above the river below.

I felt warmth to see a familiar guide. My teacher of flight. And with that I felt peace. I walked back to the doorway and down the rope ladder, back to where my energetic outline sat and slowly returned to consciousness where my body lay among grass, where my fingers could dig into the soil and feel a coolness, where the sun warmed my body, where I could sense the others awakening  from their journey.

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