What the Mother Showed Me

I’ve been asking my Spirit Guide: The Mother Raccoon to provide clarity.

“Why did you choose me? Why did you show up?”

I wanted to have more direct response like I did with the Boar. He was very clear. Aggressive. His message was “Wake-up! Move. Get going.” He propelled me forward when I didn’t desire to mentally do it myself. His presence was masculine, strong, very powerful yet his eyes were loving and caring. And even when he wrapped his ginormous jaws tightly around my body it was not painful. There was pressure but not painful or injurious. He impelled me to ‘let go’ of my fear.

At that moment, I was fearful to follow another spirit guide. This one stood 14 ft. (on all fours) -it was a brown, grizzly Bear. The Boar pushed me to follow the Bear as he easily climbed up a rocky trail up a mountain. I was fearful of the unknown. 

“What will happen to me once I reach the top?”

So, what did The Mother Raccoon say? She chose to stay silent. She gestured me to review what I had learned about her. I didn’t want to. I wanted her to say it. And when I released the thought “I can’t do it, I can’t figure it out on my own“, I was able to receive her message.

A mother Raccoon is strong-willed. She’s a protector. She is resourceful, intelligent, persistent,  determined, opportunistic, cautious, and investigative.

To be continued….

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